Bo (Brian) Li

CS Phd student@NTU, Singapore​


Bo or Brian to distinguish myself in international academia. I didn’t mean to be more foreign.

I respect and embrace culture diversity of every kind.

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I study robust machine learning and computer vision problems. I have been navigating in domain generalization, out-of-domain detection, generative models. I expect contributing to generalizable machine perception.


I am advised by Prof. Ziwei Liu at S-lab for advanced study, NTU.

My research is sponsored by AISG fellowship, and S-lab, NTU.


Previously I was doing research at/with

1/ Microsoft Research Asia, Shanghai

   (Nice westbud office)

2/ Berkeley AI Research, CA, USA

   (Roll on your golden bears!)

3/ Prof. Han Zhao from UIUC

   (Learn machine learning from him)

4/ DiDi Visual Perception Team, Beijing

   (First internship and two papers there)


I love discussion & collaboration to all kinds of problems and interesting projects.


Feel free to drop an email~